Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wearing pinholes can improve vision in cases of Myopia, Presbyopia, Hyperopia, Cataracts and Astigmatism

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Why are people shifting from prescription glasses to pinhole glasses? Studies show that concave prescribed lenses are closely studied for their negative effects. It can cause changes in your eyesight, it can also cause muscle to spasm and elevate the pressure in the vitreous chamber of our eyes. The use of concave lenses will create more pressure on the eyes and eventually result in Acquired Myopia. As opposed to pinhole glasses, it does not use lenses to improve vision they do not cause damage that prescription glasses inflict on the eyes. Thus, the website offers a great solution to the problem by offering a special offer for their pinhole eyeglasses. If you will check the prices slashed on their products, it will make it more affordable. Or if you want to improve your vision without using prescription glasses, or you are tired of changing it and spending much on buying new glasses, then here’s a treat for you. The website offers scientific way to restore clear vision. It’s completely natural, really effective, durable, and affordable. Try their pinhole glasses and you will be amazed with the result. It is not only effective in restoring vision, but for eye disorders as well such as myopia, cataract, and astigmatism.

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