Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The effects of Tobacco and Cigarrete smoking

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Tobacco is Addictive

Tobacco is one of the most addictive of all substances used by humans.

Nicotine is six to eight times more addictive than alcohol. And when compared to other drugs, it is as addictive as cocaine creck.

Of all the people who use nicotine 95-100%are addictive.

According to the Surgeon General,tobacco usage is an addiction and should be treated (JAMA 252:2874)

Tobacco is Toxic (poisonous)

Tobacco contains over 4,000 Identified chemicals. Thirty or more are known to be highly toxic carcinogens.

Do you know what some of these chemicals are used for?

- Ammonia is used in cleaning products
- Arsenic is used as ant poison
- Butane is used as lighter fluid
- Cadmium is in rechargeable batteries
- Carbon monoxide is in car exhaust
- Cyanide is used in rat poison
- Formaldehyde preserves corpses
- Methanol is used in jet fuel
(U.S. Surgeon general's report, 1989,pp 79-84)

Harmful effects of Cigarette Smoke

Cancers -Lungs, Liver , Pancreas, Mouth(oral cavity) , Bladder, Throat(Pharynx), Kidney, Voice box (larynx), Cervix, Trachea (wind pipe), Leukemia, Esophagus, Colon, Stomach, Skin , Penis

Heart Problems - Atherosclerosis, Ischemic heart Disease, stroke, COPD, heart attach

Risk for pregnant women and fetus - miscarriages, SIDS, premature/stillbirths

Male reproduction - Infertility, Impotence, deformed and less motile sperm.

Female reproduction - cervical cancer, Infertility, dysmenorrhea

Common trigger for Asthma exacerbation

Circulatory Problems - narrowing of blood vessels, and reduced blood flow to organs and body parts.

Have a Smoke Free Life 

Hair - Free of Smells

Eyes- Clear and bright

Breath and Teeth - Clean and Healthy

Complexion - Looking Good

Lungs - Plenty of Breath

Heart - Strong and Fit

Fertility - A baby when you want

Pregnancy - A healthy mum , a healthy baby

Finger and Nail - No stains

Savings - More money for other things

Effects of Smoking Cessation 

Within one week : Teeth and smell dramatically improve. All of the 5 senses return to normal. More physical withdrawal symptoms disappear. Fetus is free of Nicotine. Teeth are whiter and mouth is fresher.

Within one month :

Circulation Improves - More blood platelets are activated. Respiratory problems decrease. Energy and stamina increase. Pulse rate and blood pressure lower.

- Stroke risks reduced to that of a non-smoker 5 to 15 years after quitting.
- cancers of the mouth , throat, and esophagus reduced to half the risks in 5 years
- Coronary Heart Disease risks cut in half within one year after cessation and return to that of a non smoker in 5 years
- Chronic Obstructive Disease risks of death reduced after long term quitting
- Lung cancer reduced as much as half in 5 years after cessation
- Pancreatic cancer reduced to that of a non smoker in 10 years
- Ulcer reduced compared to a non-smoker within few weeks
- Bladder and cervical cancer reduced to that of a non-smoker within a few years
- Low birth weight baby risk reduced to that of non-smoking women who quits before pregnancy or during first trimester.

Mortality of Smokers

At least 25 percent of all smokers die prematurely from smoking-induced illness.

Those individuals lose an average of 21 years of life.

An individual who starts smoking as a teenager and continues through middle age will cut an average of 24 years off their life.

Tobacco use: A Public Health Disease 

Tobacco Kills :

every 10 seconds  = 1
every minute         = 6
every hour            = 360
every day             = 8,640
every month         = 259,200
every year            = 3,153,600
year 2,000 WHO = 4,000,000
by 2030 WHO    = 10 million

20,000 Filipinos die every year due to tobacco related diseases , 2 or 3 every hour

The Benefits of Stopping smoking

Step 1 - Pick your Favorite Benefit - To stay successfully off cigarettes you must want to stop smoking for your own well-being. Which of the following benefits do you desire?
Health benefits - less risk of cancer , heart disease, emphysema, stroke and accidents.
Economic Benefits - More money to spend or save, less sickness and medical expense and damage to possessions ; more job opportunities.
Social Benefits- improved appearance of skin , teeth and fingers
Fresher smelling person and possessions. More self-confidence and influence with others.

Step 2 - Set a Time That's Definite
Unless you are under unusual stress, plan to make the break sometime soon gradually within the next week. Although there is no wrong time to stop smoking. there is no time now. The difference between a goal and a dream is action.

Step 3 - Prepare Physically 
Like an athlete in training for olympics, your success in breaking free from smoking on proper preparation.
Begin to: Get eight hours of sleep each night. Drink eight glasses of water and eat a balanced breakfast. Walk briskly at every opportunity. Many who get regular exercise lose their desire to smoke. Make your teeth cleaned immediately following your break free date.

Step 4 - Prepare Mentally 
Visualized yourself enjoying all the benefits of living tobacco free. Visualized this joy by repeating frequently, " I love being free from smoking" . Believe that you are becoming free of tobacco and you will be free. Ask a non smoking friend for moral support.

Step 5 - Plan rewards that motivate 
Write down the rewards you'll give yourself when you accomplish each of the following present Goals breaking free : One week of freedom ; Three months of freedom ; six months of freedom.

Step 6- Observe nonsmokers to Imitate - Observe nonsmokers to learn how they react to situations that would prompt you to smoke. Note how they handle stress, occupy their hands . Imitate their better methods for meeting these needs.

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