Wednesday, November 26, 2008

bodybuilding diet

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Losing weight is not easy. I have to admit, gaining the weight in the first place was a lot more fun. Now I've been looking at different alternatives to weight loss, as well as some free weight loss plans. I haven't decided exactly what to do yet, but I think I have a basic idea. When I was young I would follow a diet , which was very high in protein. I think I'll do that again while trying to add lean muscle mass and lower my body fat.

I plan on trying  CLA for weight loss his time around. I'm not sure how effective it is, but many of the reports seem to hold promise. If that can help me cut my bodyfat percentage a bit, it will be worth the effort.

I definitely plan on using protein bars to lose weight this time. I'll use a protein bar as a meal replacement so I get more protein but fewer calories. In addition to a fat burner, and some serious time at the gym, I'm sure I'll lose some weight quickly.

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