Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Food Allergy

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A food allergy involves an immune system reaction that is triggered when a specific food or food additive is eaten. The reaction may be started by ingestion of only a small amount of food. It may also occur very suddenly after eating the food and can be serious, even life-threatening. This severe reaction is called anaphylactic shock or anaphylaxis.

Often a child need to eat food more than once before a parent knows the child is allergic. For example, the first time the child is exposed to nuts, there will probably be no reaction. But if the child develops an allergy to nuts, subsequent exposures could be serious, perhaps even fatal. The initial allergic reaction act likes a warning signal for later reactions. This holds true for nuts and many other highly allergenic substances.

A child with food allergy may be developed wheezing, hives, vomiting or diarrhea. The diagnosis of food allergies is difficult to make and requires a physician.

Any foodd can trigger an allergenic reaction . Common trigger foods are Cow's milk , Nuts, Eggs, Peanut butter, Fish or shellfish.

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