Friday, October 16, 2009

Steroids in Olympics?

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Imagine after winning the most coveted medal in sports arena, you will end up with nothing after long time of hard work and practice. To some it may sound a tragic ending to a very touching story. However, if you will dig up the real facts you will find out that sometimes it is not always the case. It is no longer new for people to hear about Olympics medalists being stripped of their medals for using steroids. The scandal continues to destroy the career of athletes, like Tyler Hamilton, who received an eight year ban from cycling after admitting the use of herbal product knowing it includes steroid, to fight depression. One of the common steroids being used by athletes is the Clentuberol or otherwise known as clen. This is used to let the body stay active and in order to lose fat. However, one of the major drawbacks is that it will affect the performance of pulmonary, cardiac, and central nervous system. Thus, the doctors will always say that if you want to stroids you have to consider its potential side effects. Better safe than sorry. Lastly, it may not be the end of steroids looming the sporting events, but if the laws will be effectively imposed, I know it will somehow lessen the use of these drugs to have an unfair advantage.

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