Monday, December 7, 2009

Types of Diet

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Regular Full Diet 

- most frequently used of all hospital diets
- it follows the principle of good meal planning and permist the use of all foods.
- The diet outlined meets the minimum requirements of most adult diets for ambulatory or bed patients whose conditions do not necessitate a modified diet.

Soft Diet
- follows the regular diet pattern but modified in consistency
- foods allowed are those which are easy to digest , such as fruits and vegetables with low cellulose content and meat with little or no tough connective tissue
- cooking, cutting, mashing, pureeing and removal of skin and seeds from fruits and vegetables and gristle and elastin from meat may increase the digestibility of these foods.
- pray be nutritionally adequate but prophylactic supplementation of diet with vitamins

Mechanical Soft Diet
- Dental soft or Geriatric Soft Diet 
- Consists of foods that require minimum chewing
- It follows the food pattern of the regular diet
-Hard and large pieces of food are chopped ,ground, pureed, sieved, or reduced to small pieces by other mechanical means

Tube Feeding 
-consists of natural foods that are liquid or are liquified by means of a mechanical blender and administered bu nasogastric tube for patients unable to take food by mouth
-a 24 hour formula feeding prepared and put in labeled sterile bottles and refrigerated
- Each feeding should be warmed over hot water to lukewarm temp or sufficient amount of how water may be added to a serving of an undiluted formula.

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