Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tips in improving appetite and prevent weight loss

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Here are some suggestions that may hep improve your appetite and prevent weight loss:

- Try eating smaller, more frequent meals

- Take advantage of times when you feel good and are hungry. For example, you may find you have your appetite in the morning when you're rested.

- Boost calories in recipe by using whole milk or cream in soups, eggs or cheese in casseroles, and butter or sauces on vegetables.

- Keep snacks readily available for when you feel like eating something. Cheese, ice cream , canned fruit or peanut butter with crackers are examples of high calorie , nutritious snacks that require little or no preparation.

- Since fluids create a feeling of fullness, drink beverages towards the end of your meals, rather than before or at the beginning of meals. Drink beverages, such as milk or juice, that contain calories and other nutrients.

- Create a pleasant mealtime atmosphere with an attractive table, quiet music and conversation.

- Try to organize cooking exchanges or potluck meals with neighbors or friends. Eating with others usually makes for more enjoyable eating.

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