Tuesday, May 6, 2008


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The history of steroids will date back on the year testosterone were discovered. Then in 19th century, scientists discovered that the removal of testicles from birds caused a disappearance of the male sexual properties. This discovery helped them to figure out how testosterone worked. Thus, it led scientists to the synthesizing of the testosterone as the first anabolic steroid. It was first tested on dogs, until it has been used by athletes. In fact the American weightlifting team in began using them in 1954 to enhance their strength. The used of steroids were banned by the Olympics committee and many sports council follow suit. The scandal is what has given steroids a bad name. However, the medical community found the medical use of anabolic steroids it has made good impact in the treatment of certain illness and ailment. Today, steroids are still being widely used in the United States.

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