Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CPR for Healthcare Providers

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Step 1 : Survey the scene
If scene is safe

Step 2: Check for responsiveness "Hey Maam are you ok?"
If no response

Step 3: Call Emergency Medical Service or Transfer Facility

Step 4: Check for Signs of Breathing or Life
(opening the airway, look, listen and feel for movement and breathing) No more than 10 seconds

Step 5: Give two Initial breahts - If no sings of life /victim id breathless if chest does not rise proceed to unconscious choking algorithm.

Step 6 : Check for circulation (no more than 10 seconds)

Step 7 START
RB- If patient has no breathing , but has pulse.
Give 24 cycles RB?adult; 40 cycles
RB-child/infant for 2 minutes

CPR- If patient has no breathing and has no pulse.
(Give 5 cycles of 30 compression and 2 ventilations for 2 minutes )

Step 8: Re-Check for circulation after 2 minutes of RB/CPR
If has pulse and breathing - place the patient on a recovery position

If still no pulse and breathing repeat STEP 7

Note: If at any time obvious sing of life is found, stop CPR , place in recovery position and monitor breathing.

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