Monday, September 21, 2009

Stress and Nutrition

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Anyone can respond to a sudden physical stress for a short time. If stress is prolonged ,especially if physical action is not permitted response, the body can quickly be drained of its reserves. This can leave it depleted of key nutrients, weakened , and more susceptible to illness.

Your body's three sources of fuel carbohydrates and protein-are consumed in increased quantities during stress, particularly it physical activity is involved. The quickest source of energy is glucose, taken from stored glycogen in the liver. However, this supply will last less than a day Protein, drawn primarily from muscle, is a long-term source of glucose. Tissues can use fat for energy . The body also conserves water during periods of stress. To do so, it retains sodium by exchanging and losing potassium from the kidneys. Other nutrients, that are susceptible to depletion are the vitamins and minerals that are not stored by the body in substantial quantities. These include such as water-soluble B and C vitamins and most minerals.

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